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Things to Consider when choosing good migration agents

The migration agents can usually help with completing the visa application form and also suggest on the most appropriate visa. They can also help in preparing the supporting papers for the application and submitting applications. Additionally, the agents can deal with the pertinent Government departments on behalf of the applicant and provide guidance on complicated immigration matters.

So, all those who are planning to migrate to Australia, can seek help of these migration agents. As the Australian migration agents are well-acquainted with the migration laws and procedures of the country; they can assist with everything regarding migration.

Important facts migration agents

The agent to offer immigration assistance services must be registered with MARA or Migration Agents Registration Authority.

The average fee charged by the agents can be found on the website of MARA but they can vary depending on the clients and the services.

All the migration agents need to act professionally and should perform promptly. Additionally, they need to keep the applicant up to date with the application and status.

The agent can take you through everything starting from the skill assessment procedure to IELTS.


There are a number of Australian migration agent in Delhi as well as agents across the other parts of the country who offer migration related services. So, it often becomes difficult to find the right migration agent for the individuals.

Listed below are the tips that will help you to find the right migration agent:

Do a thorough research about the agency or company that is offering the migration agent. You can check the customer’s feedback or visit the social networking sites to check the reviews and testimonial sections.

Make sure that the agent whom you have finalized is a registered one as otherwise he or she is not authorized to offer migration services consultation, and help. The agent should be registered at MARA or Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Check the experience of the agent in dealing with relevant visa and other formalities related to migration. Always choose the agent with vast experience in the industry as they can deal with certain challenging situations easily.

You should ask as many questions as you have related to the migration procedure and the agent should be able to answer them. In case, that doesn’t happen then you should move on and find a different agent. Remember that a proper communication between you and the agent is very important.

It is important to keep in mind that the agent does not offer free services. For all of this support and work, the agent will charge a certain amount of fee and this is something you need to consider when selecting an agent.

Also before signing on an agreement with the agency, check the terms of the agreement and also the services that will be offered for the payment. This will help in setting the right expectations.

Last but not the least, the migration agent should be able to explain the fee structure by giving a proper break up.


These are some of the simple tips that you can follow to select good migration agents who can help you with the complete set of procedures required to get a visa and eventually settle down in a foreign land.


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